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Hip Hop = Life

Jan. 16th, 2006

09:38 am

i got a new LJ account, so its not this one no more.

check me out on this one:


Jan. 10th, 2006

04:22 pm

unarguably the best line from a song, EVER...

"Heavens the mother troad,
Clovers and blue diamonds,
I don't know what the hell I'm sayin
but I'm still rhyming..."

lmao. the song is on a fast cheerleading beat and incorporates the u-g-l-y chant lol its called "Who Wit Me" by Babyface. Be a non-loser and download it! Now!

xoxo alissa

Jan. 5th, 2006

05:41 pm

aaaaaaalex, wake up alex, rise and shining!

Current Music: :) :)

Dec. 23rd, 2005

02:52 pm

so im talkign to klaus online right now, ranting about how my mom made me return a 38$ baby phat shirt i bought, so i asked for the baby phat necklace for xmas instead lol....baby phat is awesome, y does one pair of jeans gotta be 75 friggin dollars?!?! lol

pfff hip hop brands should not be made for some rich kid, after all, the people who wear it, like the guys, shouldnt be exceptionally rich usually lol.

im crampinggggggggggggggggggg ahhh help

ughhhhhhh i kinda want xmas break to be over, like, let xmas come early, then be over lol. :( :(

ahhhhhhhhhhh i think im getting sick too, that is NOT GOOD lol

Current Mood: annoyedblehh
Current Music: mary j blige- be without you

Dec. 20th, 2005

11:53 am

just got bak from sleepover wit mags and nina, it was so fun! we stayed up till like 3:30 or something, talking and watching 2 movies lol. haha very very fun..

maggie.....i think im hungry again lol jk jk good times good times

xoxo alissa

Current Music: differences- ginuwine

Dec. 17th, 2005

10:41 am

omg last nite was likke the best nite of my life.

thank u to melissa and nina for coming, we had fun!!!!!

omg. maggie i have so much tot ell u

omg that was the best night i've ever had.


omg alicia, JR doesnt work at rockets anmore! he has a new job! :( i told the waitress to tell him i said hi if she talks to him anytime lol.

ya and for xmas brandon gave me a load of stuff----toe ring, beads from the bahamas, 2 cds he burned, a really really really really sweet card, and his Cash Money chain. wow

Dec. 12th, 2005

08:18 pm

i hate exams. stating the obvious? ya i think so lol.

friday movie, guys?

pick one.

Narnia: 700. 740

aeon flux 715

rent 745

yours, mine, ours 710

pride and prejudice 655

Dec. 1st, 2005

06:06 pm

eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its been a hard week, i have had a total of 9 tests and quizzes this week, and my moms still on my back about going on the internet...she calls and she's like WHY IS THE PHONE LINE BUSY. ahhhhhhhh.anyways not much to say cuz not much is going on, but ya.

its funny maggie cuz not only is it you im helping, i was talkin to my friend evan online and hes gnna ask this one girl out tomorrow and i was helpin him do stuff for her its funny lol. i still think its funny maggie about u l ol

oooh remember the kiss list in journalism? lmao um mine was Armenian, Italian, Peruvian, Cuban. lol somethin around there, i think its funny theres no american on it. anyways, this was more like an email to maggie than an actual post but watever lol.

xoxo alissa

Current Music: stay high - three 6 mafia

Nov. 27th, 2005

06:23 pm

ahhhhh all today i been workin on makeup work and stuff, i cant get stuff done i have so much tests quizzes etc to do.

ok boston was pretty fun, we checked out harvard, it was kinda creepy and very harry-potterish and stuff, the tour people were nice tho and one of them was *gasp* a blonde! holy crap! lol jk jk

anyway when we got there, it was funny, cuz at the car rental place, the bus driver dude was this young black dude and he kept smilin at me so i was like oooooooooooooook and then we were standing outside waiting for my dad to come out so we can get our car, and he drops a piece of paper on the ground and looks at me and points at it, so when he leaves i look down at it and it says "My name is Jerami" and it had his phone number on it. it was soooooo funny lol but ya i didnt do anything to it tho im not gonna call him obviously lol

so ya the weather was awesome super perfect, wish it was always like that. and the hotels had some nice hot apple cider too....yummmm....and the seafood was good.

but im gonna hate school tomorrow. especially with a certain %&$*(@%&$*( *COUGH mike van den berg *COUGH* trying to humiliate me in front of people and being the jackass stoned jerk he is. okey dokey then.


xoxo, alissa

Current Mood: aggravatedgrrrr
Current Music: dale caliente- daddy yankee

Nov. 19th, 2005

11:00 am

O.M.G. last night was amazing. thanks for coming you guys. last night was AMAZING. wow. i stil dont know wat to say.

and i got a pretty violin tree ornament, and a beautiful ring, it was silver with a big light blue clear stone thing (looked like diamond but wasnt lol), and two smaller white clear ones next to it, its so beautiful.

omg i had the greatest time last night. omg. it was more than words can explain.

I <3 Brandon

Current Mood: satisfiedromantic and dreamy
Current Music: differences- ginuwine

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